Green Moong Daal – Gingery Perfection

Green Moong Daal

I hope you are enjoying my #30daysofdaal series and have tried at least one of the recipes I blogged about so far. I am trying to make them as simple as possible, breaking down ingredients so some basic flavors stand out. I had the greatest time yesterday at Hard Rock Café Pune, mixing summer mojitos… 

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Black Masoor Daal with Coconut – Smoky Masoor Daal Recipe

Black Masoor Daal

I am on a mission to eat daal everyday. #30daysofdaal is all about cooking, eating and of course blogging about a new daal recipe every day in June. With this ambitious project, I not only want to up my own daal intake, but also showcase some of the lesser known but delicious daal recipes from… 

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Mango Frozen Yogurt – 3 Ingredient Summer Recipe

Mango Frozen Yogurt

Mangoes! It is raining mangoes here in Pune. Western Maharashtra, the region where I live has a fascination for mangoes, especially Hapus or Alphonso. No other mango makes the cut for folks here. And the Alphonso season is pretty short because people stop eating mangoes in June. No mangoes after it rains, is the mantra…. 

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Sooji Halwa/ Badami Shira/ Fig and Almond Semolina Pudding

Shira Sooji Halwa Semolina Pie

Shira is a traditional Maharashtrian or Marathi delicacy. And it is also totally Indian. Almost every state has their version of shira or sooji halwa. And there are slight variations in the way it is made. But ultimately, it is a simple yet indulgent Indian dessert that is ready in less than 30 minutes using… 

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Achari Paneer – Exotic Indian Pickle Sauce Recipe

Achari Paneer Recipe

Achari Paneer is a tangy spicy simple preparation of Paneer cheese in pickling spices. ‘Achar’ means Pickle and ‘Achari’ implies ‘pickle like’. The pickles referred to here are Indian style pickles and not dill pickles in brine.   The whole Achari concept took off a few years ago and achari paneer tikka now occupies place… 

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Pineapple Stir Fry – Quick and Easy Weeknight Dinner Recipe

Pineapple Stir Fry

I love Asian food and stir frys, and I love cooking with pineapple. My Thai Pineapple Fried Rice remains one of my most favorite recipes of all time, fashioned after a dish in my favorite Thai restaurant. When I was in the US, a stir fry was the most common item on the menu for… 

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Basundi Recipe – Simple Maharashtrian Sweet

Basundi Recipe Basundi Recipe - Maharashtrian Sweet

Basundi is one of the most loved and simplest Maharashtrian desserts. It is the sweet dish of choice for many festivals including Diwali. I have written about Sev and Rava Besan Ladu which have a longer shelf life. Basundi is made with milk and is more perishable than other sweets. There is not much skill… 

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