Mushroom Lentil Burger – Meaty Vegetarian Burger

Mushroom Lentil Burger

Mushroom Lentil Burger is a dense, meaty, flavorful vegetarian/ vegan burger made with real food ingredients. Most carnivores will shudder at the thought of a veggie burger. Potato patties or Aloo Tikkis in another form are all the rage in India, or have been. Brands like McCain or Yummiez are trying to bring a frozen… 

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Boondi Kheer – Diwali Leftovers Get a Makeover

Boondi Kheer recipe

Diwali means so many things to us. And in addition to the diyas, rangoli, lights and new clothes, food plays a big role. Diwali Faral has a lot of importance, especially in a Maharashtrian family. Boondi Laddu is a must for Diwali, and it is one item I look forward to on Diwali morning. When… 

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MasaleBhat – Spiced Rice from Maharashtra

masalebhat - marathi recipe

MasaleBhat simply means spice infused rice. It is a delicacy in Maharashtra, my home state, and a must for festivals, weddings and special occasions. As the name suggests, it is warm and spicy and does pack a punch. In our culture, there is a traditional way of serving a meal. Although we don’t follow this… 

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Mango Infused Chili Paneer – BBQ Inspired Recipe

mango chili paneer

If you are a vegetarian in India, you better love paneer. Because paneer is the star of many veggie dishes, and a premium ingredient. Most restaurant menus are studded with paneer this and paneer that. Until you start wondering whether all the vegetables have gone on strike. Luckily for me, I do love paneer. In… 

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30 Days of Daal eBook is Live

30daysofdaal ebook

Hello and welcome. Happy Friday, everyone. The short week after a long weekend is the worst, isn’t it? You wait even more eagerly for Friday. This week has shown me its set of surprises. And I am so thankful and slightly overwhelmed. The first surprise – I was shortlisted by the jury over at #WIN15… 

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Pasta Italia: Tour of Italy – Pasta Medley Recipe

Pasta Italia: Tour of Italy

Italy is my dream holiday destination. When my parents went on a Europe tour a couple of years ago, I did a lot of research for their trip. My mind is flooded with exotic images of Tuscan landscapes, Cinque Terre, Italian Alps and so on. Any Big B fan of my generation grew up fantasizing… 

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SunGold Kiwifruit Gulab Jamun – Step by Step Recipe

Kiwifruit Gulab Jamun

Kiwifruit is one of the fruits that we see almost year round, but not many people are familiar with it. Rich in Vitamin C, the Green Kiwifruit is sweet and tart with some black seeds scattered like confetti which give a nice crunch. I love scooping it out with a spoon and eating it straight,… 

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Daal Shorba – 5 Ingredient Zero Oil Recipe

Daal Shorba

Daal Shorba is the last recipe in our #30daysofdaal series. I can’t believe I am saying this. Yay! Daal is one of the most prized pantry or grocery items in India. It provides some essential proteins for the vegetarian diet. It is also expensive! I have tried to remark on the social/ cultural significance of… 

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Rajasthani Daal – Vegan Recipe

Rajasthani Daal

Daal recipes have consumed me for the past few weeks. Today’s daal is a Rajasthani recipe. It is the kind of daal I have eaten at ‘thali restaurants’ like Sukanta or Khandani Rajdhani here in Pune. And you won’t believe how hard it was to find a recipe for this simple daal. I finally ended… 

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