Introducing Rice Bowl – Cookbook of Rice Recipes

Rice Bowl - Cookbook of Rice Recipes

Hello Dear Readers! January of 2016 is almost behind us and we are rushing ahead full steam. There’s lots happening here in your favorite kitchen, and a sneak peek is coming right up. I am pleased to announce my new book Rice Bowl: Vegetarian Rice Recipes from India and the World. Yay!! Here’s my new… 

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Marrakesh at Undri – Shawarma, anyone?

Marrakesh Pune

Marrakesh brings to mind belly dancers, tagines and of course Casablanca, but I am talking about the Marrakesh restaurants in Pune famous for their Lebanese food. They have plenty of outlets in the city, but when I was invited for a menu tasting, I chose the one in Undri. Slightly away from the hustle bustle,… 

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Coconut Rice – Vegan Indian Rice Recipe [Meatless Monday]

coconut rice

Coconut rice is inspired by South Indian cuisine. We have a sweet coconut rice in Maharashtrian (my native) cuisine called Narali Bhat, which I am not very fond of. I had mulled over a savory version for a long time. I had heard of Thengai Sadam, a savory coconut rice made in South India. I… 

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Food Presentation: 5 Plating Techniques to Impress Your Guests

Food Presentation - food plating ideas

We eat with our eyes first, says Giada De Laurentis. And I agree. Food presentation goes a long way in determining its popularity. A pretty looking plate of food whets your appetite and gets your digestive juices flowing. A shabbily plated dish, however tasty can just turn off our appetite. I am a food blogger… 

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Vegetarian Lasagna – Spinach Lasagna Step by Step Recipe

Vegetarian Lasagna - Spinach and Cheese Lasagna Step by Step recipe

Lasagna, or vegetarian lasagna, is the most decadent savory dish I have ever eaten. Loaded with gooey, creamy cheese, it is true comfort food and of course only worthy of a special occasion. Frozen lasagnas maybe provide a quick fix, but sometimes you just need the real deal. You need control! Total freedom to create… 

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Savya Rasa Pune – South India on Your Plate

savya rasa pune

Savya Rasa, the latest fine dining restaurant in the upscale Koregaon Park area is here to shatter any illusions you may have about South Indian cuisine. From the moment you enter the place, the carefully chosen handicrafts and ethnic décor will transform you to a different world. You will feel warmly welcomed into a Southern… 

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Karanji Cookies – Sugar Free Coconut Cookies Recipe

karanaji cookies

Karanji Cookies? I bet that sounds odd to you. That seems to be the best name for them based on how I came up with this recipe. This is a family favorite, and this year, it is made with Sugar Free Natura instead of sugar so that everyone could eat it without worrying about sugar…. 

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Mushroom Lentil Burger – Meaty Vegetarian Burger

Mushroom Lentil Burger

Mushroom Lentil Burger is a dense, meaty, flavorful vegetarian/ vegan burger made with real food ingredients. Most carnivores will shudder at the thought of a veggie burger. Potato patties or Aloo Tikkis in another form are all the rage in India, or have been. Brands like McCain or Yummiez are trying to bring a frozen… 

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Saturday Night Italian Buffet On at La Terrazza

La terrazza Hyatt Regency Pune

I love Italian food. By that, I don’t mean I love pizza or pasta (although I do love them). Italian food is so much more than what it is touted as in popular media. The Italian Buffet at La Terrazza, Hyatt Regency Pune is a good introduction to home style or trattoria style Italian food,… 

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New Menu at Kangan Westin Pune

kangan Westin Pune

Kangan, the flagship restaurant of Westin Pune is well known for its North West Frontier cuisine. My days of devouring ‘Frontier Chicken’ are long gone, but I did wonder if exotic mushrooms or walnuts would feature on the menu. Chef Sadab Qureshi has recently taken over the reins at Kangan, and I was the fortunate… 

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