Euriska Defines Greek Food in Pune


Euriska is the hot new restaurant on the block. Their Wednesday Comedy Nights, Santorini Afterglow Sundowner Specials on Sunday evening, Gig-A-Bite fridays are already the talk of the town. And the Greek menu is something that will tickle any foodie’s palate. I have long been a fan of Greek food. I enjoyed gyros and souvlakis… 

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Cherry Blossom Festival – Spring Rituals

cherry blossoms washington dc

Come March, it is time for the National Cherry Blossom festival  in Washington, DC. The National Mall area is great not just for history buffs. Of course you have the Capitol, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Smithsonian museums – all within a short walking radius. But as visit worthy as this area is… 

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Sooji Halwa/ Badami Shira/ Fig and Almond Semolina Pudding

Shira Sooji Halwa Semolina Pie

Shira is a traditional Maharashtrian or Marathi delicacy. And it is also totally Indian. Almost every state has their version of shira or sooji halwa. And there are slight variations in the way it is made. But ultimately, it is a simple yet indulgent Indian dessert that is ready in less than 30 minutes using… 

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Homemade Salsa Recipe – Mexican Restaurant Style

Homemade Salsa

Salsa! I close my eyes, I can remember the mariachi music in the background, the smell of fresh fried tortilla chips and big earthern bowls of fresh, hot, spicy, zesty salsa! I am obviously talking about the Mexican salsa that you eat, and not the dance form. I love Mexican food and I have… 

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World Dhaba Food Festival Pune – Scorching Sunday Surprise

World Dhaba Pune

World Dhaba was touted as Pune’s first international food festival. It was held at the Deccan College Grounds near Vishrantwadi and also boasted of some live concerts or shows. Needless to say, I was expecting to see a lot of global cuisine based on what was advertised and all the buzz on social media. But… 

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