• Mexican Lasagna – A Recipe from Scratch
  • Paneer Butter Masala Recipe
  • Tofu Mushroom Burger Recipe
  • Sarson Ka Saag ( mustard greens)
  • Misal Pav – Hot and Spicy Street Food
  • SBDP or Sev Batata Dahi Puri – anytime delight!
  • Tofu Kebabs or Tofu Paneer Tikka – Pan grilled perfection
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chili's pune 5

Chili’s Pune – To Go or Not to Go

Chili’s! For me, Chili’s was synonymous with good food and good times – smoky fajitas, margaritas, bottomless chips and salsa, fun and laughter. I have spent hundreds of evenings at Chili’s relaxing over a cold drink and sharing laughter with friends and coworkers. I suppose you get it. Chili’s means so much to me because… 

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parsley and chana rice recipe

Parsley and Chana Rice – Flavor Packed Recipe

Parsley and rice might sound like an unusual combination, but actually it isn’t. I was introduced to the combination of parsley and rice almost by accident. I can thank my roommates for it. Indian cooking uses cilantro a lot. Our neighborhood Walmart store did stock coriander or cilantro. But all greens and herbs are always… 

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Lakeland Stores Pune

Lakeland Stores Pune – for the joy of cooking

Tired of explaining what parchment paper means to the local sundry shopkeeper? Lakeland is here to rescue you. Bruised your feet hunting for that bundt cake pan? Lakeland is here for you! Miss those days you could just drop a few ingredients in a crock pot, shop your heart out for hours and come back… 

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Sambar - South Indian Vegetable Stew Recipe

Sambar – South Indian Lentil Stew with Vegetables

Sambar or Sambhar is a lentil based stew loaded with vegetables that comes from South India. It’s wed for life to Idlis, Dosas, Vadas and Uttappams, sometimes even to rice. ( Yeah, that’s some polygamy goin’ on here). Actually, sambhar can be slurped by itself, and it is the Indian low carb one pot meal… 

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Creamy Cauliflower Sauce Pasta

Creamy Cauliflower Sauce Pasta – LOW FAT

Creamy Cauliflower Sauce Pasta is a revelation. And pasta is not all you can make with this delicious low fat lip smacking delicious (already said that?) sauce! You all know – I just love macaroni and cheese. Who doesn’t? And I confess, when given the option of a red sauce or a white sauce, I… 

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