The KamalKitchen Friends & Family Cookbook is here!

The KamalKitchen Friends & Family Cookbook is here! And you can now rush to download it for yourself.

I thought of this project sometime last October. The inspiration loosely came from Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, New york. I was feeling out of touch with a lot of extended family members and friends. You know, life just happens. Even with the best intentions, you get caught up in work and the mundane chores that never get done, and keep putting off calling someone or talking to them. After a while, you start feeling that too much time has passed to just pick up the phone and call someone. And more time passes. Days become months and months become years. And the task of getting in touch gets harder!

kamalkitchen Friends & Family Cookbook

Download the KamalKitchen Friends & Family Cookbook

With Diwali coming up soon (at that time), I thought it was a great time to rekindle some memories. OK! Do Not give me the Facebook talk here as some of you will. Facebook can never replace an actual visit, email or phone call. Especially not when you are dealing with your loved ones. So I made a list of people who were the ‘first 50’ or my early responders or whatever you want to call it. Many of these are older aunts and great aunts who do not use the Internet. So the task fell to their offspring.

After sending out the initial flurry of emails about the ‘Friends & Family’ project, the response was somewhat expected. There were some no replies, some promises, and thankfully, some actual submissions.

Diwali came and went, so did Christmas and the New Year. At some point, I decided to come up with the limited first edition. Because there was no other way to get this out the door!

There are many of you who I did not contact. But I hope that as this book reaches people, more and more people will send in entries for the next edition.

Download the KamalKitchen Friends & Family Cookbook

As the KamalKitchen family grows, so will the ‘Friends & Family’ network. And I dream and hope that you will consider yourself part of this extended family. After all, the ties that bind are not always made of blood. And they certainly need not be!

If you are a contributor to the First Edition, I bow to you and thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your interest and work made this possible. So you deserve bouquets and pats on the back!

Please share the link to the download page with your friends & family, so more people can be a part of this. Please remember to share the link to the book rather than the book itself, so that I can keep track of who’s interested ( you know, analytics!)

Download the KamalKitchen Friends & Family Cookbook

Enjoy the book, try the recipes and ask me if you have any questions. And start thinking of your entry to the next one πŸ™‚


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