Giveaway: Win Vikas Khanna’s My Great India Cookbook

**This giveaway is now closed. Results will be declared later this week.

Want to win a hardcover copy of Vikas Khanna’s My Great India Cookbook? All you have to do is enter this giveaway, follow the rules and you might just be the lucky winner.

I am hosting this giveaway ‘Just Because’, to say thank you to all my dear readers. Blogging for has been a great journey, and I want to pause and take a moment to thank you all for your support.

Let’s talk about this gift that you are about to win.

I hope Chef Vikas Khanna needs no introduction? Corden Bleu and CIA educated, voted New York’s Hottest Chef, his restaurant Junoon in NYC has 3 Michelin stars. He has been the judge of MasterChef India and of course, the star of shows like Twist of Taste on Fox Life.

The Great India Cookbook

Image – Penguin India

My Great India Cookbook contains about 130+ recipes from the heart of India. Chef Vikas takes you along in his culinary journey from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, from Rajasthan to West Bengal. You are sure to experience the same magic that he felt as he put the recipes together, one beautiful region at a time.

Some of the Recipes featured in My Great India Cookbook –

Pulisheri          Mizoram Laksa Soup              Dahi ki Tikki               Parda –Nashin Kebabs
Patra Nu Shaak           Ker Sangri                   Himachali Madra        Dalma
Goan Coconut Rice    Shirazi Pulao               Kori Roti         Imli Ka Raita Bombil Pickle
. . .

Yes, this book includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes, so carnivores can take heart.

Peppered with anecdotes, this book is published by Penguin India, so it is definitely a prized possession.

This is the first contest or giveaway I am conducting on this blog. There is no brand sponsorship here and I am doing this entirely on my own.

I wanted to choose something that the winner can actually use and cherish for a long time to come.

I am, of course, a big fan of Vikas, and you all overwhelmingly voted for this particular gift.

Let’s cut to the chase. Check out what you need to do for a valid entry.

How to enter the My Great India Cookbook Giveaway

Leave a comment below this post, here on the blog and answer the question, ‘What is your favorite Indian food/ dish?’

Optional – Follow me on Twitter here and/ or Like my Facebook Page here.

Please Note – Comments on Facebook or Twitter are Not valid entries.

That’s it. The winner will be chosen randomly. The giveaway is open to all but the prize will only be shipped to an address in India. (So even if you live anywhere in the world, you can always ship it to a friend, family member or colleague in India).

Please help spread the word by sharing this with your friends and family. I am hoping to have at least 50 entries so we can all have fun and find out what is your favorite Indian food.

This giveaway ends May 3rd, so hurry!

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      • Yashashree Joshi says

        Hi, hope u reply me…:-)
        Well my fav food is curd rice, simple yet the best food u can have…:-D

        • Pragati Bidkar says

          Hello Yashashree…I try to reply as much as I can..curd rice! Ah….sounds heavenly especially in this summer heat, with sweet lemon pickle :)
          Thanks for your entry!

  1. rashmi says

    Pragati, hope I am the lucky recipient of this book. :)
    My favourite is Puran poli and Ukdiche modak.
    Yummy na? 😛

    Hope to hear from you soon regarding the book … U know what I mean, right?! 😉


  2. Sujata says

    What a great Giveaway…really Excited…Hope I get Lucky

    Indian food is synonymous with its rich culture and it is very difficult to choose one dish. My favourite dish is Dahi vada. I can have many at one go. I find it very difficult to find the perfect dahi vada with the right softness and tangy chutney.

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hello Sujata…so nice to see you here…I agree..and I just blogged about dahi wada recently..what a coincidence..its also my favorite summer food..
      Thanks for participating!

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Thank You so much Geetha!! Yea, I love it too…all the answers are making me hungry already.

      Thanks for participating.

  3. Shilpa says

    My Favourite Indian dish is ALOO POORI, a dish that I can gorge on any time of the day.
    Firstly, being a total North Indian cuisine lover, Aloo poori tops the list of all North Indian dishes for me. Secondly, when I consume this particular dish, I feel connected to God. Whenever there’s a festival in North India, you’ll surely find Aloo poori as the main dish of the feast.

    There’s no food like Indian food. Thanks for keeping this simple yet elegant contest. Fingers crossed for the result. :)

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hello Shilpa…welcome! It is so nice to see you here…

      Love Aloo Puri, especially in cold weather..I am hoping lots of people participate so we can all have fun..please do share with your friends :)

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hello Sonali…welcome :)

      Nothing as comforting as dal-chaval eaten with hands, right?

      Thanks for participating here..

  4. kislay gupta says

    Hie pragati,

    I just heard about you from my friend. The Giveaway is simply amazing and to die hearts already skipping a beat knowing the amazing giveaway.

    Ask me about my favorite dish and if Moong Dal ka halwa doesn’t makes me hungry then I must be sleepy. 😛 :)

    • kislay gupta says

      Great to know you love it. Many people don’t even try it for the huge amount of fat it carries with it..! But the one who loves food..don’t care actually.! :)

      Although I would like to know if we could recreate with some healthy options..?? Would love to hear from you..! :)

  5. Sona says

    Fab competition and thanks for opening it up to everyone

    Loads of Indian fav food
    Home made ~ Dal Dhokri and Tepla
    Street food ~ Pav Bhaji and bhel etc
    Desserts ~ beet root Halwa

    Wishing u all the best

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hey Sona, welcome! Sorry you had to go through all those errors.

      I love Dal Dhokli with peanuts and some ghee on top :)

      Thank you for participating!

  6. Rutuja Jadhav says

    really lovely giveaway..
    always wait to get Chef Vikas Khanna’s book and here’s one chance..
    Excited for it..

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hello Rutuja…welcome :)

      Thanks for all your responses..yes, I love Puran Poli too…now you have made me want it!

      Thanks for participating!

      • Rutuja Jadhav says

        welcome dear..
        it’s my pleasure to enter in this contest as I am one of the greatest fan of Chef Vikas..
        and surely next time I made puran poli I gonna invite you or else will send a pic of it to u..

  7. Stuti Sharma says

    Hi Pragati ji it’s the first time I’m visiting your blog. I’m a cooking enthusiast n love to visit foo blogs. I’m a big foodie n love all most all Indian dishes but have to choose one so this time it’s Jackfruit n chana dal kebabs . Delicious veg gourmet food just love it. Great giveaway I’m a big fan of Chef Vikas Khanna. Thanks

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hey Stuti, welcome :)
      I have never tried these kebabs…but I do love jackfruit.

      thanks for participating…and of course I am a fan of Chef Vikas too!

  8. Jyoti says

    My friend told me about this contest as soon as she read about it. I waited so much for a contest for My Great India Cookbook.
    My favourite Indian dish is Veg. Biryani…Its Simply Scrumptious. Its so full of nutrients, good for health, tastes great and I love the blend of spices. Its a guilt free and well balanced food.
    Wish to win the contest n own a copy of My Great India cookbook finally.

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hello Jyoti.
      Love Veg has everything, doesn’t it?
      Thank You for taking part in our little giveaway.

  9. Padmashree says

    I Like Panipuri..i think no one in india who dont like any season everyone eats panipuri with full enjoyment.. :) :)

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hello Padmashree, welcome :)
      You are right..nothing as enjoyable…now you have made me crave some..
      Thanks for participating.

  10. Isha Bansal says

    Hey.. This GiveAway looks Great.. n I am also a big fan of Chef Vikas..
    Have some of his books already.. would love to try dishes from this one too..
    My Favourite Indian Dish is Shahi Paneer.. ( which of course 80% of Indian Love to Eat )
    Waiting for the results.. It ws Great to Participate

  11. Parmeet! says

    :) HEY! I’m a huge fan rtoo! I’ve been following Vikas for a few years now haha.

    Favourite Indian Food…? Err, i would have to say Palak Paneer ahah. Thanks! (:

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hey Parmeet…I love Palak Paneer too…and saag!

      thanks for participating..hope you keep visiting us :)

  12. Rutuja Jadhav says

    I love Gulab Jamun as much as I love Chef Vikas..
    It shows how much sweet tooth I got..😉😁
    both are my all time favorite..

  13. Padmashree Birari says

    I like Panipuri..i think everyone indian cant say no for eating any season everyone eats chatpati panipuri with full of enjoyment :) :)

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Love Biryani too..just veg :) Thanks for participating, Marriyam…there is only one entry per person :)

  14. Marriyam says

    I also love Rasmalai….nd i m mad about it in sweets:)its jst amazinggg to hv sweet tooth bcz of this.Vikas khanna to me is jst like rasmalai in front…tempting

  15. Nikita says

    Hi your we page is really interesting……..and thank you for the opportunity……as far as in concerned my favorite INDIAN FOOD is CHOLE BHATURE which is awesome to have with friends and family…..

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      AAAH…chole bhature…who doesn’t love them? Although don’t get to eat them as much as before…thanks for participating, Nikita. Hope to keep seeing you around here.

  16. Marriyam says

    i love saffron nd khoya kheer made by my mom nd shahi tukda by naani is world to me:)hope i could win!it will be bst birthday than

  17. Swati says

    I live away from my family so the only food that craves me is ‘maa ke haath ka khana’. Anything that my mother makes is my favorite dish.

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Right you are, Swati…it especially seems valuable when living away from home :)

      Thanks for participating!

  18. Jaya Maity says

    To choose 1dish out of such vast variety of Indian food is nxt 2impossible…but jst 4d sake of winning Vikas ji’s legendarn GREAT INDIA COOKBOOK..i’d say
    ACHARI PANEER TIKKA & KHAMAN DHOKLA are my all time favourite!

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      North and West….yeah…I love Achari Paneer too…have a version of it here on the blog.

      Hope you keep visiting Jaya..thank you for your entry.

      • Jaya Maity says

        Read ur blogs…really loved them!!! Foodies can bond easily over a few good plates of delicacies :) keep up d good work pragati!

  19. Jaya Maity says

    To choose 1dish out of such vast variety of Indian food is nxt 2impossible…but jst 4d sake of winning Vikas ji’s legendary GREAT INDIA COOKBOOK..i’d say
    ACHARI PANEER TIKKA & KHAMAN DHOKLA are my all time favourite!

  20. Shirohi says

    Hi Pragati,

    Its definitely, Dal and rice – the soul food with some yummy “Curry Leaf Pepper Chicken”.
    This is a great combination for all seasons, Light for summer, piping hot and soothing in Winter & Rainy. Yummmmyyyyyyyy

  21. says

    Hi Pragati,
    This is such a great initiative. I’m a huge Vikas Khanna too! You forgot to mention that he was also a Manipal graduate.
    Was so happy to meet him on Saturday even though it poured cats and dogs here in Bangalore. I follow all your foodie updates on Twitter so way to go!!!
    My favorite Indian food/dish would definitely be the Traditional Goan Prawn Curry Rice. Its such a perfect combination of spices and flavors that go so well with that rich coconut extract added to it.
    This is something I could eat for the rest of my life!
    Fingers crossed now =D

  22. says

    Dear Pragati,

    My favourite Indian food is : Puran Polis, Mixed Stuffed Veggies, Dry Daal, Osaman and Basmati rice. (it’s a perfect gujarati thali, which I enjoy with chilled buttermilk (chaas)

    Thanks for giving me this opportunity of participating in this exciting contest. Me and my mom follow Vikas Khanna’s recipes and we both love to cook traditional Indian cuisines together.

    Happy to share my blog with you:

      • says

        Dear Pragati,

        Osaman is a sweet-tangy soupy dal made from tur dal. to it. Buttermilk is added to the strained tur dal along with turmeric powder, salt, grated jaggery, grated ginger, chopped chillies and chopped coriander leaves. Finally tempering is done to the osaman using desi ghee, bay leaf, round red chillies (boriya marcha), cloves, cinnamon stick, mustard, fenugreek seeds, cumin (seeds), cardamom and Kasoori Methi Dried. This is a perfect example of, sweet and tangy flavours together.

  23. Bhoomika says

    oh that is an awesome giveaway
    Thank you :)
    Well, my favourite Indian food would definitely be a typical Rajasthani meal including dal baati churma and garlic chutney it is the ultimate comfort food :)

  24. Garima says

    Hey! Its an awesome initiative. I am a big fan of Chef Vikas + Indian food
    And its d first time I visited your blog. Its more than lovely for a foodie like me.
    Frankly saying, My Great Indua Cookbook has always been at the top of my wishlist. Thanku for the chance. Hope I get lucky

  25. Garima says

    Indian food is all about memories, especially the ones which u enjoy with your family. Being a North Indian, my grandmother used to make RAJMA CHAWAL and I used to dig in it. Our whole family ysed to sit together and enjoy the awesome dis made by my all time favourite chef. Still can feel those balmy aromas, essence of spices, that fun & laughter at the dining. It was the most awepaited & priceless moment for me to enjoy my favourite dush eith my favourite people. Indeed awesome time it was. Wish the time revives itself : )
    Rajma Chawal still connects me with my grandmother. So I just love it. Its yummylicious.

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      You’ve made me tear up, Garima…Food truly brings people together and creates happy memories…thank you so much!

  26. Garima says

    A big big thanks to u for this amazing contest. I literally enjoyed penning down my feelings. It was a great time refreshing those memories. Thank You :)
    Hope to win the masterpiece of the awesomest nasterchef 😉

  27. Swati says

    I stumbled across your site while searching for Vikas Khanna’s books. I am a pure vegeterian and this site is going to be really helpful.

    I think for me anything my mom makes is my favorite since I live away from home.

  28. says

    My first visit to your blog and I am quite impressed…. If I had to pick just one dish, it would be rice and fish curry…can never get bored of it, guess it is in my genes :)

    Do visit my blog if you get the time –

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hello Sweta…thanks for joining us…that is a true coastal dish I guess..
      Will be sure to check out your blog…I don’t know too many Oriya recipes…

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hey Christina…thanks for joining us..I love these…saag paneer and aloo gobhi are our top recipes here on this blog.

      Thank you for participating..

  29. vishakha says

    Asking to name one favorite indian dish is liking asking me what my favorite book is :)
    The real answer is of course it depends..on a hot summer afternoon, i would love some simple curd-rice with pickle , or maybe aamras-roti with ghee..on cold winter morning some steaming upma would be sumptious..on a wet rainy evening, can anything beat a plate of sizzling onion pakoras?
    Then again, weddings/poojas/functions remind me of simple varan-bhat with a dash of lemon – the typical starter in maharashtrian wedding.
    Any road-side panipuri wala makes me want to stop and have one immediately and the smell of hot jalebis triggers my salivary glands.
    Then there is my mom-in-law special stew with idli….and my moms thaleepith..
    How can I choose just one of these??
    But then if you were to hold a gun to my head…i think varan-bhat with lemon beats everything else — just by a hairs breadth , mind you…

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Not sure what Jodhpuri Kabuli is…is it something made with chana? Love Moog Dal ka Halwa too..

      thank you for participating!

      • says

        no no its a kind of royal biryani made with Golden Sella Rice , some winter vegetables fruits, dry fruits and lots ghee in it if you want to taste i can make it for you i sure you would love to have it . Hope we meet soon for testing kabuli.

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hello Saru…welcome :) Thanks for participating…Dal Makhni is my fave too…

      So, typing this with you new Moto E? 😉

  30. Daksha says

    Choosing one favourite Indian food is like choosing your favourite drop from the ocean 😉 But if it has to be done, mine will undoubtedly be the simple and humble daal. Though very basic, daals can be made in infinite ways to satiate the soul. Daal chawal is an ultimate comfort food for me and the comfort comes from hands not the cutlery!! I feel that if you eat with your hands, the food reaches and touches your soul :)

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hey Daksha..
      First of all, thanks a ton for your patience…i really appreciate your perseverance in leaving a comment…

      Daal is everyone’s favorite right? It is great to have you here and I hope you keep visiting

      • Daksha says

        My pleasure Pragati (lovely name, I am sure you’re living up to it) :) The man in the limelight here is full of patience and perseverance, we can learn something right 😀 If you’re persistent, universe rewards you! :p

        Yeah, daal is a universal favourite, If I’d been able to comment at the first go yesterday, I’d been the first one saying daal 😉 Never mind, the choice is still the same.

        Sure, you have a regular visitor in me from now on as I love cooking.

        • Pragati Bidkar says

          Yes.. I think Chef Vikas has won the hearts of millions..and I agree..patience, hard work, and a bit of divine intervention can work wonders..

          First or last does not matter here, as long as we have your entry! :)

  31. says

    It is too difficult to zero on one favorite Indian Dish. But, when I close my eyes to think of that one thing I can have at any time then I think of PANI PURI… crunchy puris filled with potato masala and and sweet and tangy pani – heavenly!

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hello Jyoti…thanks so much for joining us….aaaahhhh pani Puri….i just have to hear the word and I want some..

  32. Ruchi Sabale says

    Pragati – My favourite dish that I am longing for is my mom’s special Fanas (jackfruit) ki sabzi with Dupodi roti!
    how i wish i could have it like – right now!

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hello Ruchi…its just the right season for fanas bhaji so maybe you should come down here for it :)
      And what is Dupodi roti?
      Thank you for participating here..

  33. says

    Look at the number of comments Pragati, you really hit on something your readers want. Everybody loves Indian food. My favourite, hands down, is dal (or is it daal?

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hey Dina! Chef Vikas Khanna is very very popular….and why not..he is a trained and skilled chef with a very sweet personality..

      The Dal has been chosen by many people as favorite..and it is such a staple..

      thanks for your entry :)

  34. Pranesh Sarangi says

    Hi Kamal, it is very generous of you to give away Vikas Khanna’s book. I went through some your posts on the blog. You have a lot of variety. Some dishes are traditional while some look innovative. You cover several cuisines of India and also dishes from outside India. I enjoyed reading them.

    My favourite food is Hilsa (fish) in mustard sauce, along with steamed rice and a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice. From the recipes on your blog, I am guessing that you are a vegetarian as I did not find any non-veg dishes. So, you may not have tasted this fish dish. Bengalis love it.

    I wish you keep sharing your recipes and and a lot of people read them, cook them, enjoy them and turn into your fans.

    All the best!

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hello Pranesh, Thanks for visiting are right, I am vegetarian and this is a vegetarian blog. I used to eat fish a very long time ago but never ate a traditional Bengali Macher Jhol, and certainly not with Hilsa.

      thanks for participating…hopefully we will keep seeing you around here.

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hello Sara…love daal dhokli too..especially with ajwain and is the best thing in cold weather..
      Thanks for participating in this giveaway. It is nice to see you here.

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      hey Jaya, How are you? I love Paneer Butter is one of our popular recipes here on the blog too..and there is something special about eating it at a dhaba..cooked on a wood fire!
      Thanks for joining us!

  35. Fatema Piplodi says

    Hi.. Iam a lover of all things culinary.. Cooking and baking is my passion, more of a stress buster for me.. Being a total foodie naming one dish is just so difficult but I so love curry chawal and mum makes the best curry chawal.. This is an amazing giveaway and Vikas Khanna is a inspiration to be looked upon, Iam his follower and it would be a honour to win a copy.. Love his show twist of taste, never have missed any episode.. Keeping my fingers crossed.. :)

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hey Fatema…it is nice to see you here…Curry and rice is so Indian, isn’t it..most comforting after a long day…
      thanks for participating :)

  36. nirali says

    Can’t choose one dish but gulab jamun is my favorite.And also gujarati dish khaman-dhokla…with green chutney.

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hello Nirali and welcome :)

      Gulab Jamuns are my favorite too..especially kala jamun.

      Thanks for participating!

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hey Amber, welcome..Aloo Gobhi is one of our popular recipes..thanks for participating!

  37. says

    My all time favorite is my mums Maa ki Dal . and lachha Paratha… No matter how hard I try I never get the dal like hers and have never got that taste elsewhere. Memories of the dal cooking is such an awesome thing to set the happy place in…
    Not even kesar da dhaba in. amritsar tastes like that And I love Vikas Khanna too

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hey Shalini..thanks for checking this out..what an honor! I read your post on laccha was very ncie and detailed, although I can’t say I will be able to make it successfully.
      Maa Ki Daal is my fave too..and restaurants hardly ever get it right. It is that special something in a mother’s touch..

      Thank you for participating :)

  38. Isha Khanna says

    Hi, I m Isha..Its my first experience for such contests n food blogs..I hope it becomes the lucky one..

    My Fav Indian Dish is Rajma Chawal specially made by my mummy..I Like it more as she adds coriander n lemon juice over the top n it is literally Heaven..:)


    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hey is the first time I am holding such a giveaway too :) I like Rajma Chaval a lot..used to make it once a week at least..and I like adding coriander on the top too..
      Thank you for participating!

  39. Avani says

    Hi. Pragati.. I read about your giveaway on twitter and being a huge fan of Vikas Khanna i was tempted to be a part of it.

    My all time fav indian food is undhiyu specially the one made by my mom. Really trying to master the art of making it like my mom makes but aint successful.

    Thankyou for this giveaway.. felt great while participating.. fingers crossed for the results

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      Hey Avani…I absolutely love Surti Undhiyu..hard to get all the veggies for it here in Pune, especially at the same time even in season..and the muthiya is my fave part.

      Thanks for participating!

  40. Padmashree Birari says

    I like dal bati which called ‘Varan Batti’ in maharashta with spicy bengan its so yummy n spicy..loved to eat anytime :)

  41. Padmashree Birari says

    I like dal bati which called ‘Varan Batti’ in maharashta with spicy bengan its so yummy n spicy..ready to eat anytime :)

  42. Asha Johnson says

    Oops I just got to see your tweet.. My favourite dish would be Hyderabadi chicken Biryani…. I have read your recipes as well.. Keep rocking.. Xoxo

  43. Nishtha Agrawal says

    Not easy to choose one from large Indian cuisine but have to so my favourite is moong chawal n curry..
    Fingers crossed hope to get the book n love u mr. Khanna..;-)

    • Pragati Bidkar says

      hello Nishtha..welcome..I am not sure what Moong chawal is…is it moong dal khichdi?

      great to see you here…thanks :)

  44. tanya says

    Hey :) my Favorite Indian Dish I would Like to say.. All time favorite is Indian style Shahi Planner with Garlic Naan…. Hope I winn… Waiting for results… **Fingers Crossed** :)

  45. Nikita says

    hey Pragati….there is a dish which is a “family favourite” and it is made for every occasion….and that is “PALLAK PANEER” … goes with everything…..and everyone loves it….hope I too do…. 😀
    All the Best….God bless

  46. Avani Mehta says

    Hi pragati,

    Hope you are doing great. Seems like results for this giveaway are not declared yet. Hope that you declare them soon. Fingers crossed 😉

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