Vegan Recipes

Vegan recipes that do not use animal products. These are also dairy free and suitable for lactose intolerant people.

Daal Shorba – 5 Ingredient Zero Oil Recipe

Daal Shorba

Daal Shorba is the last recipe in our #30daysofdaal series. I can’t believe I am saying this. Yay! Daal is one of the most prized pantry or grocery items in India. It provides some essential proteins for the vegetarian diet. It is also expensive! I have tried to remark on the social/ cultural significance of… 

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Rajasthani Daal – Vegan Recipe

Rajasthani Daal

Daal recipes have consumed me for the past few weeks. Today’s daal is a Rajasthani recipe. It is the kind of daal I have eaten at ‘thali restaurants’ like Sukanta or Khandani Rajdhani here in Pune. And you won’t believe how hard it was to find a recipe for this simple daal. I finally ended… 

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Daal Pakwan – Sindhi Breakfast Recipe

Daal pakwan Recipe

#30daysofdaal has me spending sleepless nights. I am wondering what the last few recipes should be. Seems like all the more elaborate and tough recipes have been kept aside until the last moment. So this week I made Dalma and Daal Makhni, which take a little bit more love than the simple dal tadka. Sindhi… 

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Dalma – Oriya Vegetable and Daal Recipe

Dalma Recipe

Dalma comes to us from Odisha, an eastern Indian state that shares its coastline with the Bay of Bengal. I know hardly anything about Oriya or Odiya food, so the Dalma recipe seemed like a good way to start. It also fit in with the concept of #30daysofdaal. The term lentil and vegetable stew sounds… 

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Green Daal with Panch Phoran – Aromatic Daal Recipe

Green Daal with Panchphoran 1

Green Daal with Panch Phoran has a Bengali touch, just because it uses this highly aromatic 5 spice blend. This daal is fashioned after a ‘green daal’ that featured on the menu of my favorite neighborhood Bong restaurant. They have closed shop long ago, but I do remember the daal. I could not find a… 

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Dry Chana Daal with Onions – Vegan Indian Recipe

Dry chana daal with onion

Chana Daal is a split chickpea or garbanzo bean. Literally! #30daysofdaal has not included many recipes with chana daal so far, other than the Panchmel Daal which has a bit of it. But Chana Daal is very tasty and a universal favorite. A lot of thought and discussion went into this particular recipe. This is… 

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Kalai Daal or Biuli Dal – Bengali Style Urad Daal Recipe

kalai daal 3

Kalai Daal, probably pronounced as Kolai Daal comes from Bengal. It has been a pretty busy day. I actually woke up early, went for a Yoga Day celebration and also blogged about it. I wrote another post on the Indonesian Food Festival at the Westin but don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten today’s daal. As #30daysofdaal… 

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