Dals, Lentils and Legumes Recipes

Recipes for dals, lentils and legumes - perfect vegetarian recipes loaded with protein that has no animal fat; includes recipes using chickpeas, mung beans, kidney beans, tur dal, mung dal, masoor dal, udad dal, black beans, white beans, split peas, navy beans, cannelini beans, black eyed peas

Daal Shorba – 5 Ingredient Zero Oil Recipe

Daal Shorba

Daal Shorba is the last recipe in our #30daysofdaal series. I can’t believe I am saying this. Yay! Daal is one of the most prized pantry or grocery items in India. It provides some essential proteins for the vegetarian diet. It is also expensive! I have tried to remark on the social/ cultural significance of… 

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Rajasthani Daal – Vegan Recipe

Rajasthani Daal

Daal recipes have consumed me for the past few weeks. Today’s daal is a Rajasthani recipe. It is the kind of daal I have eaten at ‘thali restaurants’ like Sukanta or Khandani Rajdhani here in Pune. And you won’t believe how hard it was to find a recipe for this simple daal. I finally ended… 

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Daal Pakwan – Sindhi Breakfast Recipe

Daal pakwan Recipe

#30daysofdaal has me spending sleepless nights. I am wondering what the last few recipes should be. Seems like all the more elaborate and tough recipes have been kept aside until the last moment. So this week I made Dalma and Daal Makhni, which take a little bit more love than the simple dal tadka. Sindhi… 

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Dal Makhni – Restaurant Style Dal Makhni Recipe

Dal Makhni

Daal Makhni is such an universal favorite, it had to be part of #30daysofdaal. We are counting down to four days now, and I have mixed feelings. Before I start, have you guys entered my Monsoon Magic Giveaway? I so want to unlock the prize and see you there. Those of you who have been… 

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Dalma – Oriya Vegetable and Daal Recipe

Dalma Recipe

Dalma comes to us from Odisha, an eastern Indian state that shares its coastline with the Bay of Bengal. I know hardly anything about Oriya or Odiya food, so the Dalma recipe seemed like a good way to start. It also fit in with the concept of #30daysofdaal. The term lentil and vegetable stew sounds… 

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Masala Daal – Mughalai Daal Recipe

Masala Daal – Mughalai Daal Recipe

Masala Daal can be called my own creation, but it is loosely based on the concept of Mussallam, a well known curry from India. Murgh Mussallam is a very popoular dish, but the only place I saw a daal musallam was on a show of Kifayti Kitchen by Pankaj Bhadouria. Well, I don’t completely remember… 

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Green Daal with Panch Phoran – Aromatic Daal Recipe

Green Daal with Panchphoran 1

Green Daal with Panch Phoran has a Bengali touch, just because it uses this highly aromatic 5 spice blend. This daal is fashioned after a ‘green daal’ that featured on the menu of my favorite neighborhood Bong restaurant. They have closed shop long ago, but I do remember the daal. I could not find a… 

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Dry Chana Daal with Onions – Vegan Indian Recipe

Dry chana daal with onion

Chana Daal is a split chickpea or garbanzo bean. Literally! #30daysofdaal has not included many recipes with chana daal so far, other than the Panchmel Daal which has a bit of it. But Chana Daal is very tasty and a universal favorite. A lot of thought and discussion went into this particular recipe. This is… 

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Milagu Rasam – Black Pepper and Daal Soup

Milagu Rasam

Milagu Rasam or Molagu Rassam is so simple and comforting. It is my go-to dish when I get the shivers or a touch of fever. The heat from the black pepper makes you sweat reducing your body temperature. It can be a natural antipyretic and also soothes the throat. #30daysofdaal is on and I hope… 

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Kalai Daal or Biuli Dal – Bengali Style Urad Daal Recipe

kalai daal 3

Kalai Daal, probably pronounced as Kolai Daal comes from Bengal. It has been a pretty busy day. I actually woke up early, went for a Yoga Day celebration and also blogged about it. I wrote another post on the Indonesian Food Festival at the Westin but don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten today’s daal. As #30daysofdaal… 

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