Meatless Quesadillas – gooey punch


Quesadillas (kay-see-dee-yaa) are probably the most popular Mexican food. Kids or grown-ups, no one can really refuse one. I like the ones that ooze cheese from the sides, and are made with attention to detail so that there are no empty patches, no opportunity lost to stuff them with goodies and cheese. I must have… 

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Tofu Kebabs or Tofu Paneer Tikka – Pan grilled perfection

Tofu Kebab

Its been a long time since I have had time to blog about something. This recipe is something I make often and is a favorite but seems so commonplace to us that it does not feel like something you would blog about. I make this with tofu, but the same technique can be applied to… 

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SBDP or Sev Batata Dahi Puri – anytime delight!

Sev Puri Dahi Puri Chaat

Chaat is that Indian delight which can awaken your senses any time of the day, month or the year, whether its sweltering heat outside or a snowy blizzard. It has several taste elements such as hot, sour, sweet, salty and is probably an acquired taste. I remember eating bhel and pani puri even as a… 

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Grilled Tofu with a Honey Chipotle Barbecue Sauce – Smokin’ sweet

grilled tofu

Tofu is the go-to protein option for vegans and vegetarians. Of course, vegetarians do have paneer, which gets more and more popular each day. Being a lacto-vegetarian, I indulge in this fat laden hunk of cheese quite often. A smal two by two inch piece can have as many as three hundred calories, most of… 

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TikhaT MiThachya Purya – Masala Puri

masala puri

Puris are the ultimate Indian indulgence. They are generally made with wheat flour and fried to golden perfection. The most common kind is the plain or salted version which is eaten as a bread with any curry. This post is about the TikhaT MiThachya Purya  or Masala puri. TikhaT is pepper and MiTh is salt,… 

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Makai Tikki – Sweet corn fritters

makai tikki

These makai tikkis are great as appetizers or cocktail snacks and go really fast. They can be simply served with ketchup or any chili sauce of your choice. Makai Tikkis or corn kebabs as some call them appeared on catering menus almost two decades ago, and were a delectable offering that were difficult to ignore…. 

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Vegetarian Three Pepper Fajita Burritos – homemade Mexican treat


oooohhh ‘Fa-Hee-Taz’!! who doesn’t love fajitas..Chili’s has one effective ad, I am sure, because everytime the ‘Chilis to Go’ advertisement aired ( from a couple years ago I think) wooing you with how easily you could pick up a platter of smoking hot fajitas carside, I just wanted to run out, rain or snow, to… 

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Mung Beet Cutlets – nourishing finger food

Mung Beet Cutlets

Low carb diets have been popular for a while now. Ranging from the controversial Atkins to the still in vogue South Beach Diet, they promote rapid weight loss. There are several other factions who also promote whole grains, and ‘whole grains’ have become such a buzz word that even a box full of chocos or… 

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